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I was​​ born in Malaysia and settling in Taiwan.

 I started my underwater photography journey in June 2014, my first experience in visual photography was with Canon compact camera G12 with single strobe setup, and during my first trip to Anilao, Philippines I was exposed for the first time in macro photography that left me with an amazing memory.

After a year shooting underwater photo, in May 2015 , i decided to joined “SNUPS” competition organised by the Philippines, One of the criteria during this competition was a zero editing shootout, it was a great challenge for me and I did it with positive energy and follow my heart, I was awarded 1st place in Nudibranch portrait, 1st place in Macro and the Silver prize Photographer of the year. Over my achievement and I decided to upgrade to DSLR NIKON D610 with Sea&Sea marine housing, with dual strobes setup as my interest growing I started to apply snoot and color light photography for mood and moment as part of my visual art and till today i have been sponsoring by multiples brands to continue my passion of pursuing the great outcome.

And since 2015 I have been interviewed by Scubashooter cover story#25, Malaysia China Post and China online underwater website UWPIXEL. During these years I have won several other international competitions which lead me with an encouragement to share my experiences in these events as an invited VIP Speaker

 ~ 2017 TDEX Bangkok, Thailand 

~  2018 TDEX Bangkok, Thailand 

    2018 DRT Singapore

   2018 DRT Malaysia 

   2018 DRT Taiwan 

   2018 Hong Kong

   2018 EZDIVE magazine #70 Portfolio

~ 2019 Shanghai DRT

   2019 Taiwan DRT

   2019 Taiwan The National Museum of Natural Science  

   2019 also it was the honor of being jury for Underwater Photography Contest Of Taiwan Water.  

~ 2020 Taiwan DRT 

   2020  i was honored to be interviewed by the popular online TV show 


For me, land photography and underwater photography are about the feeling the mood of any given subject and transform that moment to a visual that connect with the viewers, this is my way in expressing visual photography .


For my style of photography, i prefer to capture " emotion and feeling" as one of the great image is one that conveys a mood and pulls the viewer into the scene. And if a visual can tell a story, it is considering a successful visual, it is my style to connect visual towards the viewer, evoking emotion and feeling that help to tell the story that i want to convey.

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